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Fall 2014 - Class Schedule Addendum  10-25-14


Fall 2014 - Class Search Live!


Fall 2014 - Printed Calendar and Policy Section 7-16-14


Fall 2014 - Printed Class Schedule 7-1-14


Fall 2014 - Classes in Various Forms 8-25-14


Fall 2014 - Bulletin: Distance, Online, Weekend & Night Courses 7-30-14


Fall 2014 - Professional Development & Personal Enrichment 7-30-14


Fall 2014 - Closed and 80% Full Classes  8-25-14





Spring 2015 - Class Schedule Addendum


Spring 2015 - Class Search Live!


Spring 2015 - Printed Calendar and Policy Section n/a


Spring 2015 - Printed Class Schedule   


Spring  2015 - Classes in Various Forms  n/a


Spring 2015 - Bulletin: Distance, Online, Weekend & Night Courses 10/25/2014


Spring 2015 - Professional Development & Personal Enrichment n/a


Spring 2015 - Closed and 80% Full Classes  n/a




 Should be posted Mid February 2015






Summer 2015 Bulletin: School of Outreach - Course Offerings 00






Summer 2014 Class Schedule

Spring 2014 Class Schedule

Fall 2013 Class Schedule

Summer 2013 Class Schedule

Spring 2013 Class Schedule

Fall 2012 Class Schedule           

Summer 2012 Classes Schedule

Spring 2012 Class Schedule

Fall 2011 Class Schedule



Eligible students begin registering via DAWGS or at the Registrar’s Office according to the following schedule. 


Monday, November 10– current seniors, postbacc’s & students with disabilities.
Tuesday,  November 11– current Juniors- (Online Only); in-person registration will begin Wednesday 11th

Wednesday,  November 12- current Sophomores

Thursday,  November 13 - current Freshman

Monday,  November 24 - Re-admitted students

New Students – (new freshman and transfers) will register beginning Monday, December 1st after they have been notified that their admissions files are complete and they have been properly advised.

All DAWGS (on-line)  SPRING 2015 web registration window closes at 10:00 PM, Sunday, January  11, 2015.  Eligible students can register for or add/drop classes via DAWGS anytime after their Web registration window opens – see times and dates of DAWG availability above.  



Course PREREQUISITES are requirements (i.e., other course or conditions) that must be satisfactorily completed before enrolling in a specified course.   


Course CO-REQUISITES are courses that must be taken concurrently.  Prior to registering for or adding a course, students should review catalog course descriptions to determine if the course described has any co-requisite courses.  Courses listed as co-requisites must be taken in the same block/term.  Co-requisite courses are identified in the current class schedule with a "C" in the "P-C-$-I" column of the schedule.

Students must have completed ALL pre-requisites outlined in current UMW catalog course description in order to register electronically (via DAWGS) for restricted courses. Students who think they have completed the necessary pre-requisites for a restricted class by means others than those listed in the current catalog should contact appropriate department faculty for written permission (pre-req overrides) to register or add. Written pre-requisite override permission (use Students Class Schedule Change Forms) should be presented at the Registrar's Office before the deadline to add or register for the term/block in question. Review current university catalog course description before attempting to register on line. Contact your advisor or the Advising Office for more information.


Updated 10/22