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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs


Q: Does Western have a Web-based email system?

A: Yes! Check it out at http://hotdawg.umwestern.edu

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Q: What printing services are available on campus?

A: All computer labs on campus offer laser-quality printing services for most common desktop publishing applications. You will need a campus account to be able to log onto any lab computer.

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Q: How does the quota limit affect my use of the campus network?

A: UMW gives each account holder an alloted amount of space (dictated by the afforementioned quota) on one of our primary servers. In order to ensure that all users have enough space to store their data on this computer, we have setup a quota manager that limits the amount of data each account can use. Data is placed in your account in two different ways: by saving to the 'z:' drive, and by receiving email. In other words, you account may reach its quota limit if you have a lot of files in your 'z:' drive, or if you have a lot of emails (especially attachments).

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Q: What type of anti-virus software is used on campus? How do I get it installed on my computer?

A: Symantec Antivirus software is used on campus. It should be installed on all UMW computers (there should be a small gold shield icon that appears briefly after login in the icon tray of the lower right hand of the computer screen). If this software does not appear to be installed, please contact the ITS department.

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Q: What are the advantages of saving data to my Z: drive?

A: Your Z: drive is a "mapped drive" to a hard disk on one of the campus' servers. In other words, any files that you save to your Z: drive is actually saved onto a server--not the local computer. There are two main advantages to saving data onto this drive. First, you can access the Z: drive from any networked computer on campus (except the Macintosh computers) by logging in under your account. Secondly, the server which holds the data in your Z: drive is backed up daily. So, if it ever goes down (which is not likely to begin with) then we have a backup copy of all your data and will be able to restore it.

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Q: What is the Internet Connection Wizard? Do I need this to run Internet Explorer?

Q: Where is my ZIP drive?

A: Your ZIP drive is located in your computer, however, sometimes it does not show up in My Computer. Usually this problem can be fixed by shutting your computer down and inserting a ZIP disk in the drive and then turning the computer back on. This allows the system to see the drive easier.


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Q:I can't download mail to Eudora.  I get the following messages:
An error occurred with a temporary file while transferring your mail.

Could not rename file from
C:\docume~1\j_doe\locals~1\temp\linkhistory.tmp to


A1: This error can mean one of two things.  Your Z: drive may be full in which case you will need to delete some of your personal files from "My Computer", "Z:".


A2: If A1 doesn't fix your problem, then you will need to empty the temp folder listed above by starting with Option 1 below.


Option 1

1.  Click "Start", "Programs" or "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools", "Disk Cleanup".

2.  Be sure your C: drive is selected and click "OK".  This may take several minutes...

3.  Next, Check ONLY the following boxes:

     (Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet  Files, and Temporary Files).

4.  Click "OK" and then "Yes" to continue.


If Eudora still gives the error message, try option 2...


Option 2


1.  First, Open "My Computer"

2.  Click "Tools", "Folder Options", click the "View" tab.

3.  Click the radio button next to "Show Hidden Files and Folders".

4.  Click "Apply" and "OK".

5.  In the "My Computer" window, navigate to

     c:\documents and settings\(your username)\local settings\temp\.

6.  Click "Edit", "Select All" on the toolbar.

7.  Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard and then "Yes" to confirm.

8.  Repeat steps 2-4 above except click the radio button "Do Not Show Hidden Files..."



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