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Paying for School
Student Fee Payment Policy
In order to finalize enrollment for a term, students must pay the outstanding balance on or before the first day of the semester. Students may enter into a deferred payment contract and make a payment of one-third of the balance due, on or before the first day of classes of that semester. The deferred payment contract is available on our Dawgs website (http://dawgs.umwestern.edu). Students who are registered and add courses to their schedule after the 5th day of the semester must make payment-in-full for the additional credits at the time of registration. Students that register late (after block 1 or block 5) will be assessed a late registration/payment fee and will need to make a payment on their account when they receive their first bill or the second day of their first class. If a payment is not received by the end of the second class day the student will be administratively withdrawn from all classes they are registered for in that semester. 
Montana Western also offers access to a third-party managed Tuition Installment Payment Plan.  This plan allows students to pay for each semester in  five (5) payments.  For more information go to UMW.collegetipp.com.
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*You are also able to make an epayment from this page.
 Scroll to the top of the page and select Make an Epayment.
Payment in full is due on or before the first day of each semester.
Business Services offers a Deferred Payment Contract that will split your balance into two equal payments. You must stop by Business Services and pick up a form or print it off online by clicking on the link below:
By entering into this contract you will be able to pay your bill this Fall in two equal payments. Please see the contract for the scheduled payments.  If payments are not received in the business office on or before any of these due dates, a late charge of $15.00 will be put on your account and your student registration may get dropped.
ALL MY FEES ARE BEING PAID BY FINANCIAL AID (or some other source, i.e. Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Service, Department of Military Affairs, etc) IS THERE ANYTHING I NEED TO DO ABOUT FEES?
Yes, check in at Business Services. We need to know your arrangements. If you do not check in with Business Services, your registration may be cancelled.
If your financial aid (or other source) has not paid your outstanding balance on or before the first day of the semester you must enter into a Deferred Payment Contract.
For third party please contact Tina Walter at 406-683-7101.
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Business Services calculates your withdrawal by the date you turn in your withdrawal form to the Registrar’s office.(http://my.umwestern.edu/registrar/FormStuClassSchedChanges.pdf 
Please see Refund of Fees Policy below.
Refund of Fees Policy
Refund for Withdrawal from the University 
Students who withdraw or drop below full-time status during a regular 16-week semester will receive a refund based upon the number of instruction days of a semester completed from the start of classes of a term until the time a student completes official action to drop/withdraw. The withdrawal process begins and ends at the Registrar’s Office. The date used in determining the amount credited to the student’s account is the official withdrawal date as recorded by the UMW Registrar. There is no refund after the 15th class day of a term. 
Students using the deferred payment plan will have their withdrawal credit applied to their student account, but may still owe some or all of the deferred balance. All existing debts such as a deferred payment plan balance, library charges, bookstore charges, etc., will be deducted from any refund due the student. For further information, contact Business Services. 
Note: The $30 Registration Fee, $30 Admissions Application Fee, and $75 Orientation Fee are non-refundable.
Refund of Fees – Dropped Courses
The refund of fees for dropped courses is computed in accordance with the University’s regular fee schedule. No refund or credit is given for drops occurring after the 15th instructional day during a standard academic semester or the pro-rated equivalency during a shorter term. 
Refund of Fees for Withdrawal from UMW – Regular Semester
Fees are refunded to students on a pro-rated basis in accordance with Montana Board of Regents and federal regulations for those who officially withdraw from Montana Western or drop below full-time status. The amount of fees refunded is based upon the date official action to drop/withdraw is completed, the student’s classification, and the amount of related fees paid. Students are considered enrolled up to the date the Registrar’s Office validates the official withdrawal request or Drop/Add/Withdrawal form. Only in unusual or emergency situations will the Registrar’s Office post-date a withdrawal/drop and/or last date of attendance as a basis for calculating a refund. 
Withdrawal Date for Regular Semester
Refund percentages shown below do not include any nonrefundable fees. The “Day of Instruction” pertains to the instructional day of the term as determined by the Academic Calendar (usually the first day of the first block of the semester).
Regular Semester Withdrawal Date Refund %
Before 1st Day of Instruction                        100%
1st to 5th Day of Instruction                          90%
6th to 10th Day of Instruction                        75%
11th to 15th Day of Instruction                      50%
After 15th Day of Instruction                           0%
Refund of Fees for Withdrawal from UMW
(Time-Shortened Terms (Summer Session) )
Students withdrawing from UMW during a term that is shorter than a regular 16-week semester will receive a refund based upon the percentage of the term completed and the amount of related fees paid. The following schedule reflects the percentage of the paid fees to be refunded in these instances. Refund percentages shown below do not include any nonrefundable fees. 
Withdrawal Date for Time-Shortened Courses    
The “Day of Instruction” pertains to the instructional day of the term as determined by the Academic Calendar. 
Time-Shortened Course Withdrawal Date Refund %
Before 1st Day of Instruction                                         100%
1% to 6.25% Instruction Days of Term Completed             90%
6.26% to 12.5% Instruction Days of Term Completed         75%
12.51% to 18.75% Instruction Days of Term Completed      50%
More than 18.75% Instruction Days of Term Completed       0%
Return of Federal Aid Funds
Federal regulations define the amount of federal aid funds to be returned by students who have received aid for the semester in which they withdraw. Students who have received aid must consult the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing. 
Refund of Room & Board Charges
Fees paid for room and board charges are refunded on a pro-rata basis. During the final two weeks of the term, room fees will be forfeited. Residence Hall and
Dining Service fee refunds are calculated on a daily pro-rated basis for students officially withdrawing from Montana Western. No Residence Hall or Dining Service refunds are made to students who have claimed their reservations for any semester by picking up a key or residing in a hall unless the student has officially withdrawn from UMW by the published deadline for withdrawal. 
Medical Withdrawal
Medical withdrawals are granted for significant medical problems. Refunds for medical withdrawals initiated after the third week of classes are reviewed only if a significant medical problem originated in the first three weeks. Documentation from a medical provider must be provided. Please contact Business Services concerning a medical withdrawal.
Outreach/Extension Withdrawal
Requests for withdrawal from Outreach/Extension courses must be submitted in writing to the School of Outreach. Exceptions may apply to courses requiring the prepayment of fees. Exceptions are described in the Outreach Bulletins. 
Refunds are not issued for under $5. 
For more information please see FAQ "How do I get my refund?"